Sunday, May 14, 2017


Lift carry any human being is a hard job and its become more harder when a woman lifts male , these are the few incident told and emailed to me by some of my friends FIRST ONE - my name is ranjit and my wife name is pooja i am an average body with 5-6 in height while my wife is little bit over weight with 5-4 in height , this was happen me last year when we were in mussoorie A hill station in north india, it was pleasant and romantic evening so we decide to visit the camel mountain road , we decide to go by foot after walking a long distance we didn't realize that its gone dark , we are returning back suddenly my foot struck with a stone , it was really a big injury and i was unable to stand straight so i put my hand on my wife's shoulder and try to walk with her support after moving some distance , my wife asks why don't you come on my back ? i replied are you out of your mind? i am not a child , how do you manage me to take on back and walk? she says don't worry darling i will manage , you just come on my back she came in front of me i hugged her from back and i was on her back , she supported my legs with her hand and start walking , it seems that i was as light as flower she walks with good pace friends whether you believe or not she walk more than a kilometer with me on her back and just take a single break of few minutes in between . i thanks god for giving me such a strong wife who can handle every problem of life SECOND my name is vipul and my wife name is pooja , we are living in delhi , we have love marriage and my wife is like tom boy in nature , she lift carry and over power me many time but this was very first incident when she lifts me it was saturday night and i was enjoying a movie on TV , she asks me to switch off and come to bed room (as our TV is in living room) but i ignore , she asks 3 or 4 times but i ignore every time now she came in living room and switch off the TV and ask me to come i say i will come after the movie she said either i come or she will take me in her cradle lift a laugh blown by me you lift carry me in your arms...............hahahaahhaaaa but my wife who is wearing pink night suit at that point of time suddenly walks nearer to me , bow down , put one hand under my legs and another under my neck and lifted me in her cradle oh my god , she is a power bank she took me in the bed room and throw me on bed........ this was first incident of her strength show , i have tasted it many time after that.....

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