Wednesday, May 17, 2017

lift carry by sister

here is incidents send by some friends where they get chance to be lift carry by his sister my name is rupesh and i am 22 years old i am average guy with 5-8 in height , i have an elder sister her name is poonam and she is 6 year older to me and presently she is married , her husband serves indian army , she have one baby boy name athrav 3 years old. my sister is always the most inspirational person in my life and have a special place in my life , she is much more important for me than my parents too, she is like a shady tree on my head , she always back me although she is just 6 year older to me but she loves me like a son . i am totally depends on her in any decision making , she is one who teach me everything whether its cycle riding , motorcycle riding or car driving . i learn all things from her she is strong from her childhood nobody dares to bully me in school or college due to her fear, till when i was 10 she use to take me on her cycle after that she start riding motorcycle she lifts and carry me many times when i was child , she use to carry me on her shoulders or her back for hours when we go to visit any fair. when i grew younger around 16 and became taller to her even though she lifted me but it was now around 6 years when i was lifted by her recently i tried my luck and succeed to be lifted by her , one day in hot summer i reaches her house and call her to come down as she lives on third floor , when she came down i said that i have got foot injury should she help me to get up in the house , i use to play this trick in my childhood and she use to take me on her back . she replied that if there is something serious lets go to doctor but i say no just ointment works for me suddenly she stand back and asks me to come on her back , i was happy but show hesitation by saying didi , i was not a child now and much heavier than you too , she smiles and say bro. you are always be my small child and i am much stronger than you even you weight more then me come fast . she carried me on her piggy back and start climbing stairs , its the terrific to me that my sister who is elder to me and light in weight than me and shorter to height easily carry me on her back to two floors up. when we reaches up , she makes me sit on sofa and smiles so you want to inspect your sisters strength ? i say no didi she smiles i know that you dont have any injury in your foot , you just want a ride on my back, now there is no matter to tell lie , i apologized her and suddenly i realize what a thing i have done so a shower of tears start falling from my eyes , on seeing this my sister came near to me and wipe my tears and say what the point of weeping and suddenly took me her cradle like baby and said that you are my small brother , i always love you

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