Tuesday, May 30, 2017

lift carry by school girl

These are the real incidents of lift carry to some of my fans , i have made some little changes like name etc but narration is same

1) it was happen to me when i was in class 12th , i was little heavy at that time with just 160cms in height , we are playing cricket in the ground and girls are playing badminton near to us suddenly the ball hits my head and i fell down , all students gather around me suddenly the monitor of our class revati came , she is tall girl with huge built and take me in her cradle to the rest room , which is too far from there

2) i was in class 11th at that time , i am a strong guy with good 176cms in height however i am not a fighter type boy but one day i mess with one of my class mate ashish when i has upper hand suddenly i find myself capture by two strong hands from back and lifted more than five min , she was his sister aastha , who studied in class 12th , she is not so tall but really strong , she warn me not to mess with her brother again.

3) i have more than 100 piggy back rides by two of my school friends cheena and mona , both are sisters while cheena is one year younger to me , mona is one year older to me , they both are very tall and strong built while i was average guy , i was in 10th at that time actually our school bus drops us a point which is around 100mtrs away from our home , the girls prove themselves stronger than other takes me on her piggyback everyday till my home.

4) our dance teacher once while preparing us for dance suddenly ask us to choose a partner of opposite sex , after that she ask all the girls to lift male ones on the shoulder and take a round of class and to our surprise , all girls do it however four find difficult to complete it but another six do it easily , the best part is that the girl kirti who carried me was quiet comfortable and she takes two round . it was 12th farewell incident

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