Sunday, May 21, 2017

my muscular wife Part 2

as i told you about my wife beats me in arm wrestling match in previous story , she now known her abilities that means a lioness has wake up from sleep , In this part of story i explain how she overpower a real hulk As i tasted the power of women so, i use to gave an extra respect to every woman and also start sharing my wife's hand in daily routine work . life was moving on its pace but one day my sister neha who is married to anil called us for help. when i inquire , she told me that her neighbor , john , who is a local goon is troubling her , he use to misbehave her from a long time and when anil knows it , he tried to stop him , he beat anil badly and broken his leg also, she further told me that local police also stand their hand to help them . she just want me to take her back here. i told the same to my wife , she said we have to take her back but how will we leave the person who trouble her lot , she raises her arms and boldly say i will definitely teach that man a lesson i said darling don't even think of it , he is not an ordinary man like me whom you can tame easily however we took the car to reach my sisters house as early as possible , on reaching her house , she again narrates whole story and start weeping loudly , when we saw anil , his both legs are broken and sigh of brutal beating are present on his whole body, doctors told that he was just escape from death . i decide to take both of them back with me but something different is cooking in my wife mind . she ask neha about that goon my wife is he alone or have gang neha he alone is a gang , he is 6ft 6 in hulk every body here fears him , he beat police man also many time , but why are you asking ? my wife because i am going to teach him a lesson i ask her to calm down and ask my sister to pack bags but she further ask about the home of goon suddenly we heard a scary voice shouting at door , it was huge giant man with muscular body , a wave of fear crosses in my body he pointed his figure towards me and ask my sister so you called your brother to teach me a lesson but before she answer , my wife roars not he but i am going to teach you a lesson he laughs loudly dont you love your respect and life lady? but my wife move ahead and hit a hard punch on his face , the punch is really very hard as if a ordinary person like me was there cant stand but he is very strong and the punch busted his anger , he capture my wife neck and lifted her with his single hand , but she is also very quick he hitted him on his face with her hands and on chest with leg so he throws her. she quickly stands and hitter hard on his legs , he again grab her and lifted her overhead and takes her towards outside and throw her on ground , now the fight comes on the road and crowd gather to see what is going on? my wife is quick and fast but the hulk is a power bank , he has immense power however fight is on high and hulk has upper hand as he grab her and throws many time , this injured my wife but she is still standing on her feet but this time again hulk lifts her with one hand and throw down , now she is un movable and hulk put his foot on her chest , i joint my hands for prayer and a big twist , she capture the foot of hulk and twist it , this was an unexpected move for him and he fells down on ground and before he stands our lioness stands and hit him hard again on his legs , now its her turn before he stand , she hit him hard on face , chest and legs after many tries when he was unable to stand on his foot , my wife sited on his chest and start slapping him hard on his face , the scene was just alike a giant elephant has been killed by a lioness , she beats him untill he start weeping loudly and after that she puts her one leg on his chest and make victory sign , people start clapping , some start clicking photos after that she ask him to stand and apologize people and my sister for his behavior , he does the same i rushed and hugged my strong and muscular wife and find myself again lifted from ground TO BE CONTINUE.....................................

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

lift carry by sister

here is incidents send by some friends where they get chance to be lift carry by his sister my name is rupesh and i am 22 years old i am average guy with 5-8 in height , i have an elder sister her name is poonam and she is 6 year older to me and presently she is married , her husband serves indian army , she have one baby boy name athrav 3 years old. my sister is always the most inspirational person in my life and have a special place in my life , she is much more important for me than my parents too, she is like a shady tree on my head , she always back me although she is just 6 year older to me but she loves me like a son . i am totally depends on her in any decision making , she is one who teach me everything whether its cycle riding , motorcycle riding or car driving . i learn all things from her she is strong from her childhood nobody dares to bully me in school or college due to her fear, till when i was 10 she use to take me on her cycle after that she start riding motorcycle she lifts and carry me many times when i was child , she use to carry me on her shoulders or her back for hours when we go to visit any fair. when i grew younger around 16 and became taller to her even though she lifted me but it was now around 6 years when i was lifted by her recently i tried my luck and succeed to be lifted by her , one day in hot summer i reaches her house and call her to come down as she lives on third floor , when she came down i said that i have got foot injury should she help me to get up in the house , i use to play this trick in my childhood and she use to take me on her back . she replied that if there is something serious lets go to doctor but i say no just ointment works for me suddenly she stand back and asks me to come on her back , i was happy but show hesitation by saying didi , i was not a child now and much heavier than you too , she smiles and say bro. you are always be my small child and i am much stronger than you even you weight more then me come fast . she carried me on her piggy back and start climbing stairs , its the terrific to me that my sister who is elder to me and light in weight than me and shorter to height easily carry me on her back to two floors up. when we reaches up , she makes me sit on sofa and smiles so you want to inspect your sisters strength ? i say no didi she smiles i know that you dont have any injury in your foot , you just want a ride on my back, now there is no matter to tell lie , i apologized her and suddenly i realize what a thing i have done so a shower of tears start falling from my eyes , on seeing this my sister came near to me and wipe my tears and say what the point of weeping and suddenly took me her cradle like baby and said that you are my small brother , i always love you

Sunday, May 14, 2017


Lift carry any human being is a hard job and its become more harder when a woman lifts male , these are the few incident told and emailed to me by some of my friends FIRST ONE - my name is ranjit and my wife name is pooja i am an average body with 5-6 in height while my wife is little bit over weight with 5-4 in height , this was happen me last year when we were in mussoorie A hill station in north india, it was pleasant and romantic evening so we decide to visit the camel mountain road , we decide to go by foot after walking a long distance we didn't realize that its gone dark , we are returning back suddenly my foot struck with a stone , it was really a big injury and i was unable to stand straight so i put my hand on my wife's shoulder and try to walk with her support after moving some distance , my wife asks why don't you come on my back ? i replied are you out of your mind? i am not a child , how do you manage me to take on back and walk? she says don't worry darling i will manage , you just come on my back she came in front of me i hugged her from back and i was on her back , she supported my legs with her hand and start walking , it seems that i was as light as flower she walks with good pace friends whether you believe or not she walk more than a kilometer with me on her back and just take a single break of few minutes in between . i thanks god for giving me such a strong wife who can handle every problem of life SECOND my name is vipul and my wife name is pooja , we are living in delhi , we have love marriage and my wife is like tom boy in nature , she lift carry and over power me many time but this was very first incident when she lifts me it was saturday night and i was enjoying a movie on TV , she asks me to switch off and come to bed room (as our TV is in living room) but i ignore , she asks 3 or 4 times but i ignore every time now she came in living room and switch off the TV and ask me to come i say i will come after the movie she said either i come or she will take me in her cradle lift a laugh blown by me you lift carry me in your arms...............hahahaahhaaaa but my wife who is wearing pink night suit at that point of time suddenly walks nearer to me , bow down , put one hand under my legs and another under my neck and lifted me in her cradle oh my god , she is a power bank she took me in the bed room and throw me on bed........ this was first incident of her strength show , i have tasted it many time after that.....

my muscular and strong sister

my name is andy and i have a sister her name is betty, she is 3 years younger to me . when i was 12 year old our parents separated and to that consequence betty and me also separated as i suppose to live with my father while she stays with mother , after that my mother shifted from delhi (our native place) to pune In the first few years i use to go pune to meet them in my vacations but later with increase pressure of study , my visits also reduces and now from last few years only telephonic conversation is made between us presently i am 24 year old and suppose to work as software engineer with Mnc based in Bangalore city . due to some official work i have to go pune so i decided to stay with mom and betty so i called and told them about my plans . they both are happy as after 6 years we are going to meet on Monday evening , i reaches Pune , Betty suppose to come to receive me on airport , when came outside i saw Betty was standing wearing black jeans and black top , she seems to be quiet tall first i suppose that she was wearing high heels but when i reaches close to her i came to know that she was wearing plane sports shoes , as i reaches near to her i found myself dwarf to her by more than 4 inches and i was 5feet 9 inches tall
we hugged each other and tears start rolling from our eyes without saying any word after a long time she broke the silence and says you look very smart bro. i smile and replied you too grow up sister taller to me we proceed towards parking , she came in a big SUV and took the driving seat we proceeds to move and reaches home after short while where my mother is waiting for me . meeting your mother after long time cant be describe in words so we move further part of story. in the next morning, i wake up early as i use to go for jogging daily saw that Betty was almost ready in her sports Bra and shorts , i saw clear abs are seen in her body which shows she has good muscular body , her biceps and legs are much muscular of mine . on seeing me preparing myself for jogging she ask whether i join her ? or came later? i say i join you ok she replied we start and after warming up she start running on good speed while i suppose to jogging only after few minutes she was invisible for me but that's OK for me but on a sharp turn two guys stop me and take me to the empty street nearby on gun point however i don't have any money at that time but they snatch gold chain and rings from me after that i don't know why they start beating me as there was nobody to help me so i try to run from there suddenly i saw Betty was coming i shouted Betty help me she saw all this and start running toward us , the goons ask her to stop on gun point but she cleverly hits the man with her leg and his gun down from his hand and now i saw my little sister in full action she starts punching and kicking both of them , they tried to counter her but truly said they both in combined has no match to her after such hard beating they both lied on ground and start weeping and asks for apologize , Betty took my rings and gold chain from them and gave back to me and call police we move back towards home and a scene from old memory glimpse into my mind when she use to call me to save her but now time changed and my strong sister saves me ...... watch my youtube channel

Saturday, May 13, 2017

my muscular wife

my name is rahul and my wife name is neha .we are happily married and live in a metropolitan city since last 10 years . one day we are watching a movie on television in which a scene was that the heroine of movie asks a bad guy to arm wrestle to goon and it was decided that winner is the head of area while looser have to leave the area and after some dramatic situation the guy loose to the lady but he refuses to fulfill the promises so the lady beat the guy and his men alone , this type of situation we saw in many Bollywood movies but it is always with male main lead this is the first time i saw it with female main lead however i am also admire of female power but don't know why? i busted a high laughter my wife neha asks why you laughing so loudly? i replied don't you see? what a funny scene the thin lady beats fat man in arm wrestling and also beats him my wife replied she is not thin , she is muscular and guy is fat not strong and she further talk he is like you fat and lazy while she is like me slim and muscular ,actually i was little lazy and never been active in any physical activity while my wife is health conscious she is very regular in jogging and also do some pushups and pull ups beside this she is very active in swimming i smile and replied but baby she cant beat him to which she answer in another way and put her hand in arms wrestling position and ask me to join her and says if i beat her then she will not argue further i never thought in dreams that my wife can challenge me for showing physical supremacy , it is like a hard hit on my male ego so i quickly grab her hand and try to put her hand down with out any intimation to her but to surprise me she puts my hands down within frictions of seconds this is unbelievable to me so i start saying that i was not ready and she do it without intimating me however i know this is not true she smiles and say don't worry lets do it again and take your time this time i flexes my arms and gather some breathes and tries to put her hand down but it is like stone steady beside using my whole energy and strength i was unable to move even an inch , it was more than five minutes i was using my energy , my body start sweating up and i realize i am not able to defeat her seeing this a smile grows on her mouth and she start 1.....2.....3......and you go mr.hubby she very easily puts my hand down. she laughs loudly and ask me why dont you try with both of your hands and puts her hand again in arm wrestling position , i dont know what was cooking in my mind at that time but i grab her hand with both of mine and try to put it down but all my efforts are vein she easily win again. with this i came to know that my wife is much stronger than me and a slim and muscular women can easily beats the fat man after such tense situation we hugged each other and my wife says i know you loose because you don't want me to loose a laughter blown in air however my heavy body is hanging in arms of my muscular wife to be continue.........................

Sunday, April 30, 2017

over the shoulder lift carry

there are various types of lift carry popular 1 over the shoulder:- when a women lifts a man over her shoulder its called over the shoulder . to do this lift a women needs lots of stamina , strong body structure , strong legs and arms to carry
this is perfect example of over the shoulder lift by women.

Friday, December 9, 2011


a strong lady making love with her partner. really a lucky guy to get a kiss in sitting lap of her partner.