Monday, August 6, 2018


My name is rahul , i am 20 year old with a impressive personality , i work as network engineer with a software firm , i engage to poonam who is software professional in same company , she is around 160 cms tall  , average built girl with a figure to die off.we are in deeply love and after this incident i find feel much safer with her . yes in general cases a woman or girl feels safe with man or boy but in our case it was all different story .

we lives together in live in relationship , and one night we gone to attend a colleague engagement party   while we are returning home , she is driving car as i drunk little more , she has wearing red marron party gown with lots of bangles in hand and heavy makeups , her looks are so hot that anybody can ready to die off .

suddenly in the dark of night , our car get punctured  , she parked car aside of road , the road is completely vacant and only dogs are barking . we both come out from car and start changing the tyre suddenly a big suv with eight guys stops near us , these people start passing bad comments towards poonam , first we ignore but suddenly they came out from car and start doing teasing us , all guys are above 6ft in height , when i try to stop them they hitted hockey in my legs so hard that my legs broke down and i fell on ground with lots of pain

this all happens in friction of seconds , poonam runs towards me to help me  , but one guy  hold her hand and she hits a punch on his face , the punch is so hard that a big guys fell down and other see it in unbelieving manner , i too in shock .

poonam roars like a tigress and warn them to go back other wise result will be quite dangerous .

all men start laughing louder .( hahahahhhahaa)

but after that i saw a unbelievable scene of my life 

the kicks and punches start falling like heavy rain , a little girl who is my girlfriend start beating eight big guys like small childs after few second all of them find laid on ground crying with pain .

after that she ordered them to change the puncture tyre and when our tyre got repairs , she ask them to punture all the tyres of their car including stepny , they got so frightened that they do it with out arguing with her

after that she lifts lifts me in her cradle and takes me towards hospital .

from that day i know , i am with a girl who is super strong  

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