Sunday, May 21, 2017

my muscular wife Part 2

as i told you about my wife beats me in arm wrestling match in previous story , she now known her abilities that means a lioness has wake up from sleep , In this part of story i explain how she overpower a real hulk As i tasted the power of women so, i use to gave an extra respect to every woman and also start sharing my wife's hand in daily routine work . life was moving on its pace but one day my sister neha who is married to anil called us for help. when i inquire , she told me that her neighbor , john , who is a local goon is troubling her , he use to misbehave her from a long time and when anil knows it , he tried to stop him , he beat anil badly and broken his leg also, she further told me that local police also stand their hand to help them . she just want me to take her back here. i told the same to my wife , she said we have to take her back but how will we leave the person who trouble her lot , she raises her arms and boldly say i will definitely teach that man a lesson i said darling don't even think of it , he is not an ordinary man like me whom you can tame easily however we took the car to reach my sisters house as early as possible , on reaching her house , she again narrates whole story and start weeping loudly , when we saw anil , his both legs are broken and sigh of brutal beating are present on his whole body, doctors told that he was just escape from death . i decide to take both of them back with me but something different is cooking in my wife mind . she ask neha about that goon my wife is he alone or have gang neha he alone is a gang , he is 6ft 6 in hulk every body here fears him , he beat police man also many time , but why are you asking ? my wife because i am going to teach him a lesson i ask her to calm down and ask my sister to pack bags but she further ask about the home of goon suddenly we heard a scary voice shouting at door , it was huge giant man with muscular body , a wave of fear crosses in my body he pointed his figure towards me and ask my sister so you called your brother to teach me a lesson but before she answer , my wife roars not he but i am going to teach you a lesson he laughs loudly dont you love your respect and life lady? but my wife move ahead and hit a hard punch on his face , the punch is really very hard as if a ordinary person like me was there cant stand but he is very strong and the punch busted his anger , he capture my wife neck and lifted her with his single hand , but she is also very quick he hitted him on his face with her hands and on chest with leg so he throws her. she quickly stands and hitter hard on his legs , he again grab her and lifted her overhead and takes her towards outside and throw her on ground , now the fight comes on the road and crowd gather to see what is going on? my wife is quick and fast but the hulk is a power bank , he has immense power however fight is on high and hulk has upper hand as he grab her and throws many time , this injured my wife but she is still standing on her feet but this time again hulk lifts her with one hand and throw down , now she is un movable and hulk put his foot on her chest , i joint my hands for prayer and a big twist , she capture the foot of hulk and twist it , this was an unexpected move for him and he fells down on ground and before he stands our lioness stands and hit him hard again on his legs , now its her turn before he stand , she hit him hard on face , chest and legs after many tries when he was unable to stand on his foot , my wife sited on his chest and start slapping him hard on his face , the scene was just alike a giant elephant has been killed by a lioness , she beats him untill he start weeping loudly and after that she puts her one leg on his chest and make victory sign , people start clapping , some start clicking photos after that she ask him to stand and apologize people and my sister for his behavior , he does the same i rushed and hugged my strong and muscular wife and find myself again lifted from ground TO BE CONTINUE.....................................

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