Sunday, May 14, 2017

my muscular and strong sister

my name is andy and i have a sister her name is betty, she is 3 years younger to me . when i was 12 year old our parents separated and to that consequence betty and me also separated as i suppose to live with my father while she stays with mother , after that my mother shifted from delhi (our native place) to pune In the first few years i use to go pune to meet them in my vacations but later with increase pressure of study , my visits also reduces and now from last few years only telephonic conversation is made between us presently i am 24 year old and suppose to work as software engineer with Mnc based in Bangalore city . due to some official work i have to go pune so i decided to stay with mom and betty so i called and told them about my plans . they both are happy as after 6 years we are going to meet on Monday evening , i reaches Pune , Betty suppose to come to receive me on airport , when came outside i saw Betty was standing wearing black jeans and black top , she seems to be quiet tall first i suppose that she was wearing high heels but when i reaches close to her i came to know that she was wearing plane sports shoes , as i reaches near to her i found myself dwarf to her by more than 4 inches and i was 5feet 9 inches tall
we hugged each other and tears start rolling from our eyes without saying any word after a long time she broke the silence and says you look very smart bro. i smile and replied you too grow up sister taller to me we proceed towards parking , she came in a big SUV and took the driving seat we proceeds to move and reaches home after short while where my mother is waiting for me . meeting your mother after long time cant be describe in words so we move further part of story. in the next morning, i wake up early as i use to go for jogging daily saw that Betty was almost ready in her sports Bra and shorts , i saw clear abs are seen in her body which shows she has good muscular body , her biceps and legs are much muscular of mine . on seeing me preparing myself for jogging she ask whether i join her ? or came later? i say i join you ok she replied we start and after warming up she start running on good speed while i suppose to jogging only after few minutes she was invisible for me but that's OK for me but on a sharp turn two guys stop me and take me to the empty street nearby on gun point however i don't have any money at that time but they snatch gold chain and rings from me after that i don't know why they start beating me as there was nobody to help me so i try to run from there suddenly i saw Betty was coming i shouted Betty help me she saw all this and start running toward us , the goons ask her to stop on gun point but she cleverly hits the man with her leg and his gun down from his hand and now i saw my little sister in full action she starts punching and kicking both of them , they tried to counter her but truly said they both in combined has no match to her after such hard beating they both lied on ground and start weeping and asks for apologize , Betty took my rings and gold chain from them and gave back to me and call police we move back towards home and a scene from old memory glimpse into my mind when she use to call me to save her but now time changed and my strong sister saves me ...... watch my youtube channel

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