Saturday, May 13, 2017

my muscular wife

my name is rahul and my wife name is neha .we are happily married and live in a metropolitan city since last 10 years . one day we are watching a movie on television in which a scene was that the heroine of movie asks a bad guy to arm wrestle to goon and it was decided that winner is the head of area while looser have to leave the area and after some dramatic situation the guy loose to the lady but he refuses to fulfill the promises so the lady beat the guy and his men alone , this type of situation we saw in many Bollywood movies but it is always with male main lead this is the first time i saw it with female main lead however i am also admire of female power but don't know why? i busted a high laughter my wife neha asks why you laughing so loudly? i replied don't you see? what a funny scene the thin lady beats fat man in arm wrestling and also beats him my wife replied she is not thin , she is muscular and guy is fat not strong and she further talk he is like you fat and lazy while she is like me slim and muscular ,actually i was little lazy and never been active in any physical activity while my wife is health conscious she is very regular in jogging and also do some pushups and pull ups beside this she is very active in swimming i smile and replied but baby she cant beat him to which she answer in another way and put her hand in arms wrestling position and ask me to join her and says if i beat her then she will not argue further i never thought in dreams that my wife can challenge me for showing physical supremacy , it is like a hard hit on my male ego so i quickly grab her hand and try to put her hand down with out any intimation to her but to surprise me she puts my hands down within frictions of seconds this is unbelievable to me so i start saying that i was not ready and she do it without intimating me however i know this is not true she smiles and say don't worry lets do it again and take your time this time i flexes my arms and gather some breathes and tries to put her hand down but it is like stone steady beside using my whole energy and strength i was unable to move even an inch , it was more than five minutes i was using my energy , my body start sweating up and i realize i am not able to defeat her seeing this a smile grows on her mouth and she start 1.....2.....3......and you go mr.hubby she very easily puts my hand down. she laughs loudly and ask me why dont you try with both of your hands and puts her hand again in arm wrestling position , i dont know what was cooking in my mind at that time but i grab her hand with both of mine and try to put it down but all my efforts are vein she easily win again. with this i came to know that my wife is much stronger than me and a slim and muscular women can easily beats the fat man after such tense situation we hugged each other and my wife says i know you loose because you don't want me to loose a laughter blown in air however my heavy body is hanging in arms of my muscular wife to be continue.........................

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