Saturday, June 3, 2017


My name is neeraj i am average built guy with just 5-6 in height while my wife riya is strongly built with good 5-10 in height .Actually in our home i am a man just for name as she is only earning member in family, i live in her house with her parents, she rides bikes and drives car ,however i also know riding and driving but i only ride or drive when i have to go alone, when we were together she is on drivers seat.  beside this i have to do all household works like cleaning ,cooking food etc, people use to call me househusband or woman without breast but i love my wife very much.
she is a strong woman not physically but mentally also , she is physically too powerful that most of men seems weaker to her and i am the weakest among them
my wife lifted me in all possible ways , only overhead is left , she piggy back me many times even on roads also , whenever i say her that i am tired of walking , she takes me on her piggyback.

i have sited many times to her shoulders also whenever i use to replace bulb or have to clear fan or mount any painting , i just use her strong shoulders

she cradle me in her arms whenever we have to go to bed , yes daily she use to take me from living room to bedroom in her cradle

sometime when she is angry she gave me front lift or bear hug , this is very hard for me as she uses her powers to crush my body , its really painful thats why i do anything to make her happy.

i have sited on her lap many times even on public places too , she use to make me sit on lap in lunch or dinner
 today is our marriage anniversary and my wife promise me that  she will give today overhead lift , i prepared good dinner for her and decorate bedroom for her and now waiting for her.
door bell rings trin trin
yes its my lovely wife , she hugged me lift in her cradle and plant a smooch kiss on my lips and start walking towards bedroom , when she enter in she became so happy to see decorated bedroom and start lifting me up and up , suddenly she raise her muscular arms and oh my god i am above her head the maximum a lady can do to man

it like a dream come to me , a female power junction is lifting me overhead , its quiet amazing, you never believe that an Indian wife can lifts her husband over the head  but its true , now she start walking towards mirror and i saw the wonderful scene , her biceps are burgling, they seems massive than any thing , the power is incredible , it was more than five minute , i ask her to bring me down .

this is true whether you believe or not 

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