Thursday, June 1, 2017

wife lifts me on first night

after the next day of marriage , my house is crowded with guest and i was waiting for night as it is my suhagraat ( hindi word for first night)
myself nitin is banker with 5-8feet in height and weight 65kgs with good athletic  body married to monica , she is also banker with 5-3 feet in height and average body like any other Indian lady , as time start running all guest start leaving and around 9 o clock in night i enter into the room .

The room was decorated with rose flowers and my wife sitting on bed , she was looking very beautiful and sexy , i sited near to her hugged her and plant a kiss on her lips after that a gave her a gold necklace as first night gift after that we engage in some love conversation.

she than change and wear a honeymoon night suit , she was looking hot and i came near to her and try to lift her in my cradle to the bed but  i don't know    what happen ? she is unmovable like mountain  ,

she laughs and say my husband cant lift a girl , i think you are strong man
its a challenge to me but true said i was unable to do so.

she said don't worry its ok and suddenly the thing happen to me is quite shocking to me , as my beautiful and sexy wife lifts me in her cradle , it was a experience that cant be describe in words , she starts walking towards mirror with me in her arms

in mirror i saw my self hanging above the ground in arms of girl who is  shorter to me in height wearing the sexy night suit , i was totally under her control and she seems quiet comfortable with me in her arms even after five minutes no sign of fatigue seen on her face

after that she throws me on our bed now rest you can imagine about the night i enjoyed the most

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